September 11, 2010


Hello there. I studied organ from ages 11-20, the last two years of which I spent at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music. You may remember me from the Organ Pump. At 20 I abruptly stopped - perhaps more on this later - and in the ten years since have only sat down once at the console, at the Bedient concert instrument at Queens College, where I finished up my higher edumacation.

Until this year - and now I'm back, baby - risen from the ashes! Over the past couple of months, I have started dusting off my chops, and would like to make a tentative re-entry into the organ world. I am slowly cobbling together a Hauptwerk practice instrument, and am hoping to perform again one day. This will be my chronicle.

Dramatic, no?

I will try to post regularly on my musical and mechanical progress. Meantime you can follow my links at and catch me on PIPORG-L.

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