October 17, 2010

Contact Re-installation and More

Work continues on the pedalboard. The MIDI encoder has arrived!

I measured my 25-pair cable...

...and determined that there should be just enough length to cut it in half for use with two pedalboards. Each end is identical, with a male Centronics 50-pin connector. Measure twice, cut once! And voilà, here are the 25 twisted pairs:

I glued down the water-damaged contacts with wood glue as planned.

I also cut the bus wire, fixed the solder joints that I mistakenly removed earlier, and also another one which I broke in cutting the bus wire. Well, sort of fixed them: it's pretty hard to solder a wire that's just placed flush against another wire like this, but this is how it was done originally on this contact rail. Mental note in case I do any from-scratch construction.

Next time, after the glue dries, I can finish soldering the bus wire connections. Then, it will be on to mounting the cable. Huzzah! Real progress at last.

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