October 17, 2010

Swell Pedals

After my claviers are working, I'm going to want at least one swell pedal. This seems to be a bit of a sticky wicket. I'm not so confident about MIDIfying an old Hammond or pipe organ pedal; the electronics seem like it might be over my head for the trouble. Classic Midi Works sells MIDI swell pedals, but of course they're pretty expensive - a single one is 250 USD.

I found something interesting: Behringer makes a guitar MIDI foot controller which includes two expression pedals, plus ten switches, for about $150. I'm wondering if I can perhaps hack it up to use the switches as toestuds, or even rewire as keyboard pistons, and use the expression pedals as is, or perhaps even replace with something more organ-friendly. I will try to take a look at the product in person at a store - but in any case this is a bit down the road, as I still need to finish my pedalboard!

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