October 15, 2010

Pedalboard wiring preparation

Okay, after a bunch of research, I have on order:

  • MIDI encoder board
  • perf board (a.k.a. prototype board) for soldering the matrix of diodes
  • 50-conductor Centronics cable (received)
  • 50-pin Centronics female / ribbon connector
  • 16-pin IDC connector
The plan is: cut the original bus wire into sections for the matrix, arrange the diodes on the perf board, use the cable to wire the bus wire and contacts (will connect via Centronics connector), wire up the Centronics connector via ribbon cable to the diodes, wire the other end of the diodes to the IDC connector, which is what the MIDI encoder takes. Knee bone's connected to the... Hopefully it will be easier to understand with pics. Now, where's that encoder board already?!

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