November 9, 2010

The console begins to take shape

I started putting together the console tonight. Huzzah! However, "measure twice, cut once" struck again. I cut the rails that span the pedalboard to accommodate the Novopiano, but forgot that the pedalboard is wider than that. Thank goodness, 2x4's are less than $4 apiece. If anybody needs a couple of 2x4's just under four feet each and happens to be passing by Northern New Jersey, let me know!
Frame ends built:
I finished fixing the mixed-up twisted pairs from before, by swapping the wires on the contact rail - see earlier discussion. I realized that, besides the convenience factor, this was the "correct" answer, as it was the contact rail wiring that was confused, not the diode board. I have not tested it yet since the fix. Cover your eyes; my beautiful wiring iz hax3d!

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