November 14, 2010

On the cusp!

Lots of work to report today. I finished the console frame. The two 2x4's spanning the pedalboard are held in place by dowels sunk into the frame.
They support the Novopiano, whilst the M-Audio Keystation sits on that one-by in front.
I tested the contact rail again; all the contacts are firing in the correct order, but there was still oxidation interfering with the conducivity. There were some dead notes caused by a bit of stray wire insulation that had fallen into the connector, and was easily removed.

I sanded the contact wires a bit more, and mounted the rail to test it in the pedalboard.
The knives that short the contact wires also had a layer of oxidation, which I sanded off. This was a fairly well-worn pedalboard, though; some of the knives had grooves worn in them, from which I was not able to remove the oxidation with sandpaper.

I will try filing these down to a new edge for next time. I just got through practicing manuals-only with Hauptwerk, and it was most excellent. We are almost ready for the completion of yitznewton's opus 1!

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