November 23, 2010


At last! The console is together and working!
I still have to neaten up the wiring and shim up the second manual rails with something better than folded paper. Nicely-cut cereal boxes perhaps... I think the frame could also use a bit of diagonal bracing somehow, as it flexes a bit when I need to pivot, and push against the keyboard to do so.

I mounted the pedalboard electronics on a spare bit of pine, and hung it on the frame:
The filing of those contact knives for the pedalboard was successful. They were tipped with some relatively soft metal. Some of the tips were cracked along the surface of contact, and one actually split while I was filing it. On the contact wires (which the knives strike), there was a groove worn by the knives, which had oxidized and was very hard to clean. In a few cases, the circuit was being broken mid-note as the knives slid over that spot. I bent the knives slightly, which seemed to work.

The pedalboard is rather noisy and needs refelting, but I think I will defer that project and be content with my clunky practice machine - lest I get so obsessed with building that I forget my initial purpose: an emotional-spiritual musical outlet.

I'm currently working on the Bach E-flat Prelude and Fugue ("St. Anne"), and Mendelssohn's first Prelude and Fugue, using the organ bundled with Hauptwerk, as well as the free "Enigma" polyglot organ.

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